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Since last decade, the telecommunications industry has been through an upheaval and challenging phase. Many large telecommunication companies are in the process of streamlining their business operations, adopting latest technologies mainly due to increased competition and acquisitions. 
Eish Technologies has built a solid domain & technical expertise to assist major telecommunication companies to develop and implement IT solutions to meet their business demands. Eish Technologies consultants are highly qualified and understand the business challenges that the telecommunication industry is facing.
Eish Technologies has the wide range of capabilities to provide services to major telecom companies which includes:
Call center integration services  Computer Telephony Integration
VoIP application design & implementation Next Generation Solutions
Multimedia / Video Conferencing SONET, ATM, Frame Relay
CDMA, WiFi, Wireless
 Converged Solutions for signaling gateways & Media servers
Wireless solutions  Billing platforms
Operating Support Systems
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